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This page presents the favourite locomotive type of many railway fans all over Europe.

These locomotives run as MÁV M61 class in Hungary.

Current state of remaining NOHAB units

The following table is trying to show the newest situation. The data are based on the observations of the V63 Gigant Club.

Update :01.09.2000.

The M61s are used on lines No. 26 (on trains 8649/8642), 29 (9705/9714, 9709E/19702/19703/9718, and 9709E/972/975/9706) and for fast train between Szombathely-Kaposvar (8807/88648863/8806). Nowadays, on Line No. 29 and 26, M41s are the main traction force; but for some heavy trains they are insufficient. In these cases M61s are working (not rarely !!).
Unit Current state
M61,001 Moved to Budapest in March 2000 and then it was repainted to striped livery. Now it is a member of the rolling stock of the Budapest into the Hungarian Railway History Park.
 M61,002 Unable to service due to an electric fault and lack of traction motors. Transferred to Budapest into the Hungarian Railway History Park as spare part deposit. 
M61,004 Got the name "TAPOLCA" in 1998 from the name of its home base. Serious accident on June 4, 1999, withdrawn from service (23.11.1999), and scrapped at Tapolca. One nose will be exhibited in the Museum of Transport, Budapest.
M61,006 The only one "unstriped" M61 still in service. The diesel engine emits black smoke upon accelerating indicating slightly bad condition.
M61,010 Repainted to the old livery in May 1997. Deep purple colour, with white stripe.Diesel engine: very strong, currently the best.
M61,013 The diesel engine was replaced with the one in M61,006 then withdrawn on 10.2.1999. Scrapped at Sátoraljaújhely in spring 2000. 
Livery: nearly orange. Moved to Budapest in May 1998 on the mobile crane where locomotives with steam train heating is needed and was stored at Rákos station. In 1999, it was withdrawn and got into the rolling stock of the Track Maintenance.Got new industrial number (A61,017) on 1. March 2000
M61,019 Service stopped in the beginning of 2000, its traction motors were placed in M61,001. Diesel engine is in good condition, but the output was not the best.
M61,020 After the crash of M61,004 this unit was repainted into the striped livery and sometimes was used for nostalgic trains. Now it is used daily in scheduled service.

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Last update: Fri Jun 12 1998