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The Club for fans of the V63 serie electric loco in Hungary.

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V63 Gigant Club

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About V63 or Gigant:

The V63 serie is the most powerful engine in Hungary. It has been originally developed for heavy personal and freight trains. The high-speed IC and EC trains also needed a powerful engine, that's why some of them were regeared for 160km/h maximal speed. It is called by the engine drivers as "Gigant". (That means giant in Hungarian). The shape of this loco is not "futuristic", but the remarkable power and some other factors ;-) have made this engine one of our favourites...

Technical parameters:

  • Voltage: 25kV frequency: 50Hz
  • 6 driven axles: Co'Co' (DC motors: 900V) continuous power: 3600kW, starting power: 5400kW.
  • Maximum tractive effort: 510kN (prototypes) 436kN (standard) 384kN (high speed transmission)
  • Maximal velocity: 120km/h (prototypes) 133km/h (standard) 160km/h (high speed transmission)
  • Length: 19.5m height: 4.4m weight: 118t
  • Number of units ever built: 56 (1974-1988)
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