Some railroad signs
of the Hungarian State Railvays

by the Gigant Club.

This review is not complete... we don't want to put here all the signs, but we think it will be useful.

  • STOP signs.

  • A B type STOP sign will come next.

  • B STOP sign.

  • Speed limits

  • C Start of the speed limit.

  • D End of the speed limit.

  • E A speed limit comes next. The number on the plate multiplied by 10 will give the maximal allowed speed.

  • Signals around a station

  • F "Shunting limit". The shunter train cannot pass this limit.

  • G "Stop here" The train must stop by the sign at the station.

  • H A stop comes next.

  • Special signs

  • I You will enter a new power supply area, power must be cut off.

  • J Give a warning sound. (for example before a railroad crossing. The number shows the place of the crossing.

  • K Warning sign before L, M and N

  • L Push up the current collector.

  • M Sink the current collector.

  • N Electric engines must stop.

  • If you have some questions, problems, suggestions or additions, please contact the V63 Gigant Club.

    Last update: Mon Apr 14 1997