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Technical information about the M32 shunter:

MÁV M32 class**

ManufacturerGanz-MÁVAG (Hungary)
Mnfr. year1972-1974
Total number
built for MÁV
Diesel engine8 VE 17/24
Cont. Power257kW
Wheel arrangementC
Wheel diameter920 mm
Total length9510 mm
Height4100 mm
Width3100 mm
Weight36 t
Max. speed22 / 60 km/h (*)
(*) Shunter/normal transmission
(**) Picture from: László Bosnyák
M32 2030 at Szolnok.
My first photo of an engine (JImre).
(M32 2030,2031,2035 also worked there.)

M32 diesel engine in the original livery.

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